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Friday, 14 July 2017

We’ve all experienced moments where our self-conscious does not want to play ball when it comes to completing a task. It could be because the task is too big, or because you have no interest in what needs to be done. Unaware if you are a procrastinator? Check out this link for a free procrastinator questionnaire.

Procrastination at work often means there is no other option but to complete the task that your employer has set you! No finding an alternative and no avoiding it. Here are five proven ways to overcome that daunting task:

Reward With Breaks

Recognise what you are doing while you are procrastinating. Is it online shopping? Checking social media? Chatting at the water cooler? Whatever it may be, commit to working solidly for a period of time, then rewarding yourself with a five or ten minute break dedicated solely to that.

Remove Obstacles

Would you be able to check social media if it was blocked on your work PC? You wouldn’t. By removing the obstacles that distract us, we can avoid being tempted by any of those things. Social media addict? Try installing the Facebook News Feed Eradicator. Guilty of getting sucked into gossip? Pop in some headphones and make your colleagues aware of your goal!

Break It Down

If it isn’t boredom that is fuelling your distraction, but instead the sheer size of the task, try breaking it down! A big task doesn’t have to be done in one day. Split it up into project milestones and separate them. Whether that is hour-by-hour or day-by day. Breaking it down will enable you to see more results, and feel more motivated. That’s instead of only seeing one completion win!

Change The Environment

Workplace distractions could include your colleagues, music and noise, and even how comfortable your chair and desk is. If it is the area you are working in that is the problem, try tackling the task in another room or outdoors. Again removing the obstacles, including those that are hiding!

Being the synonym of focus, procrastination is essentially a mindset that you need to overcome. Focus on the results that are at stake, and make sure you reward yourself for keeping focused!

Saturday, 1 July 2017

Need some pre-interview motivation? Or a little boost to hand in that resignation?

Every job hunter should read and memorise these nuggets of motivation wherever they are in the process.

1. Want to change jobs? Don’t just jump online and look at them, get applying!

2. Nobody else is going to start the job hunting process for you. Take responsibility and take action.

3. Have you seen a job that you like, but aren’t sure you are qualified? Apply anyway, what’s the worst that could happen?

4. Don’t let your company’s decision shape your destiny. Try our career planner and start defining your corporate destiny.

5. We’ve all been there. Leaving an interview and over-analysing your ‘mistakes’ can keep you up all night. Learn from them quickly, and move on. Otherwise, they’ll never leave you.

6. Third or fourth interview, with no success? Don’t quit now, your ideal role is only one interview away!

7. Telling yourself you are looking for a new job without actually taking action is settling for your current role. Unless you actually make it happen, you haven’t done anything. Start taking action.

What other motivational quotes have you found that help you take action, succeed and land a new job role? Let us know on Twitter @lawrencedeanrec

If you’re ready to make the change, or have been thinking about changing your job, get in touch with us at Lawrence Dean Recruitment.

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Are you a creative person? Are you great with stats, analysis and numbers? Then a career in marketing may be for you!

With the digital age has come an abundance of new ways to trade people’s attention.  Finding out where your customers are, what is the best channel to get your product in front of them and then delivering that message is an basic overview of modern marketing.

Within this department sits a whole host of different roles, we’ve picked out the main ones that might form your career in marketing:

Brand Executive/Manager

This role can be found in larger marketing departments, primarily those with multiple brands within a wider company. Taking responsibility for the brand itself and communicating the message properly, this role is suited to those interested in customers and their psychological habits.

Public Relations Executive/Manager

Public Relations (or PR) is primarily focused on ensuring the company’s reputation and message are conveyed correctly to the public. There are two types of PR that you will be dealing with; proactive and reactive.  Proactive will require actively pushing press releases and content to media and the public. Reactive PR will involve responding to any press enquiries related to the company that you receive. If you love writing and communication, then a role in PR may be your entry into marketing.

Campaign Manager/Executive

Planning, numbers and strategy are at the heart of a Campaign Manager’s day. Your main goal will be to plan, execute and report multi-channel marketing campaigns, and then adjust them based on the results. If you are numbers driven, organized and are interested in strategy, this would be a great way to get into the marketing department in a large company!

(Digital) Marketing Executive

Since the Internet took over, every marketing employee has some digital marketing in their role. Marketing executive’s will often be one-man departments. They will handle all of the marketing roles above, so having a holistic knowledge of marketing is essential. Like autonomy and being held accountable for your results? This is the ideal role.

Marketing and Communications Manager

Taking many different names, the person in charge of the marketing and communications department is responsible for the direction and strategy of the whole team. By developing the company’s marketing plan and aligning it with the corporate objectives, the manager is held accountable for the results of the whole department. It is key that they have experience in the whole marketing roles to enable them to direct each sub-department correctly.

There are a whole range of other marketing roles and variations that we haven’t spoken about here, but hopefully this gives you a real overview. If you think a career in marketing is something for you, then get in touch and we’ll help you achieve your goal!

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